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Blogger Chat on Wednesday January 28, 2008

Posted by Brad J. Ward in Blogging, Flip Ultra, Recruitment.

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1. Jamie Hastings-Smith - January 29, 2008

What software are you using to host the chat?

2. Brad J. Ward - January 30, 2008

Jamie – we use Chat University/Hobsons. It’s pretty expensive ($~2000/yr), so I think we’ll probably drop it once the contract is up.

3. Nathan S - January 31, 2008

How’d the chat go?! Other than computer shortages of course.. but how was the turn out? Did you get your 1% or did you get even more than that?

4. Brad J. Ward - January 31, 2008

We ended up with 95 unique logins, which was pretty successful. This one chat makes up 10% of total logins for all chats dating back to 2004, so that’s not bad at all. 🙂 1% would have been around 110, so we were close to the mark.

5. fjgaylor - January 31, 2008

Brad, I agree, I thought it was a wonderful turnout. Loved how you were able to use the Flip and post the youtube videos in almost real time to the conversation. Very Nice..

6. Nathan S - January 31, 2008

Not bad at all. Only 15 off. If you would have told me I would have logged in a prospective student (since I may attend here for my MBA)… not sure if it would have been legit or not, but would have been 96 instead of 95 🙂

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