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Flip Ultra = Thumbs Up. January 28, 2008

Posted by Brad J. Ward in Blogging, Flip Ultra, Higher Education, Marketing, Recruitment, Technology, Vlogging, Web, YouTube.

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1. Kyle - January 29, 2008

My girlfriend bought me one of the HD Aiptek video camera’s for christmas for less than $200. I don’t quite remember exactly which one of the top of my head. I really need to do some testing with it. We’ve also got a student worker who will hopefully be starting in Feb. who is sort of a video guru so I should know a lot more shortly after.

Videos are a little jumpy, but hey that’s so much better for a prospective student than reading something! For a prospective student to see what it’s like I think that’s amazing… but then what do I know. Have you heard any feedback from prospective students yet? I’d be real interested what you hear.

2. Dennis Miller - February 1, 2008

Nice work. I bought five for the office but we haven’t posted anything yet. What you’ve done is good– short, informal, happy, real.

3. Brad J. Ward - February 1, 2008

And to be honest, putting them to YouTube does quite a bit of degrading. They look really good local. My blogger was a little jumpy too, it’s hard to do the good ol’ walk and film.

I think a 1 min video is about a 25mb AVI file. Sending to YouTube converts it to a .wmv for you on a Windows computer. Haven’t tried from Mac yet.

As far as from prospective students, they really enjoyed what we did during the Blogger Chat: I would film and then post them as we went, then bloggers would send messages with URL so the prospectives could see the Bloggers while chatting with them. They thought that was pretty cool.

I really need to get my Blogger chat follow-up posted.

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