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Welcome to SquaredPeg, where 3 distinct voices of higher education professionals will be weaving together to bring you posts on many different areas. As for the name, it seems like every day when we come in to work we (you) are all trying to accomplish the same goal: put the square(d) peg into the round hole. You smash it, you get resistance. You try to remold it, it still won’t go. But somehow, someway, you figure out your problem, only to restart the process.

Jesse has been in Higher Ed for 5 years, first as an admission counselor, then moving into web development, and now into his current position as Information Systems Coordinator. He is the Butler University recruitment SIS administrator (Recruitment Plus/Peoplesoft). He also is the admission project manager for different web applications and reporting projects.

Brad has been in Higher Ed for 2 years. His first position was as a Marketing/Recruitment Specialist at the University of Illinois at Springfield, leading the way on initiatives such as an electronic photo database, campus photography, podcasting, MySpace, and the student bloggers. He is now at Butler as the Electronic Communication Coordinator, learning the ropes of email marketing. He also does all of the content updates on the web, integrating print/electronic marketing, and brings new technology into the mix. His latest project includes the Butler Bloggers and the online community that surrounds it.

Chris has been in Higher Ed for 4 years, and has been at Butler since graduating in 2003. He started as an admission counselor, and is now the Senior Assistant Director of Admission, overseeing the other counselors. His work on both the counselor side and the administration side have given him great experience.

Join us as we leave our ramblings and thoughts here, and feel free to comment on what you think. Welcome to SquaredPeg.



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